Blue river front coverBlue river front cover

What is Blue River?

Blue River is our cloud-based platform combining our preferred Content Management System, MagicINFO™ with data mining and analytics, expanding the systems capabilities beyond just digital signage.

Like a river, streams contribute to the rivers size and flow. These streams of data converge to allow analysis and calculation, the results then trigger predetermined actions. By using sensors and near field communications, it's possible to expand the capability of the network and how it functions.


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Why Blue River?

Retailers find it hard to capture and retain consumers’ attention in real-time and engage them with product and recommendations.

Our Blue River platform is designed to improve the Consumer Experience and help Customer Retention.

With the introduction of both Datalink and Analytics, you can integrate a range of innovative technologies with your digital signage.

Apply these technologies to maximise your omnichannel marketing potential and enhance in-store engagment for your customers. 

Datalink & Analytics

“It’s difficult to understand consumers’ behaviour in and out of store...”

 Learn the behaviour of YOUR customers and improve in-store operational efficiency through advanced data collection and analytics. Make your data work for you to help improve consumer experience and satisfaction.

“How can the collected data you have on customers be used to drive better engagement in-store?...”

Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time through intelligent touch points and live data streams that control your content. Add to this the expanding range of new technologies to further integrate and enhance.