Play an essential role in protecting your clients, customers and employees with HandyCHECKPOINT™ Thermal Detector.

As organisations manage their return to work strategies with coronavirus lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, HandyCHECKPOINT™ provides peace of mind for businesses operating in high-traffic public places by detecting the skin temperature of each individual, to ensure your business is a safe environment during and after lockdown.

As individuals pass in front of a high-resolution, non-contact AI thermal detector, their skin temperature is automatically measured in milliseconds, which will alert a person with an elevated temperature to seek additional screening. 

In line with government guidelines, HandyCHECKPOINT™ uses facial recognition to detect if the user is wearing a mask and reminds the user via screen and audio to reinforce public safety regulations. Facial recognition can also be used for tracking time attendance and enabling automated entry systems.

HandyCHECKPOINT™ uses HandyAV’s award-winning Blue River™ digital service network to gain real-time information about individuals entering premises, enabling organisations to take measures to keep their premises safe and secure.

HandyCHECKPOINT™ stations can be rapidly deployed at access points within stores, schools, workplaces, transport stations and other high-footfall environments to quickly identify whether individuals present an elevated temperature – and are at greater risk of viral illness. 

HandyCHECKPOINT™ provides organisations and the public with awareness and insights into temperature readings which will help to fight the spread of infectious diseases.


  • Access Control Integration

Product Features

  • Blue River™ Network Hosting


  • Detection Range:  0.3m to 1.2m
  • Facial Recognition Database
  • Fast detection 0.05s
  • High Accuracy ±0.2°C
  • Remote Management
  • 24/7 Operation
  • 2 year warranty

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