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Can’t see the wood through the trees when it comes to LED displays?

Aubrey Wright

The growth in digital signage over recent years is evident – with hardly a single high street / airport / hotel / hospital / school / bank or football stadium not benefitting from the better customer communication that digital displays provide.

Large scale digital signage is now more in demand than ever before, and with it comes a myriad of choices of technologies, both in the display technology itself and the mechanics that provide and manage content.

Here at Handy AV we like to keep it simple – providing a choice of LED panels that cover most, if not all, commercial signage applications.

We’ve been installing and maintaining digital signage solutions for blue chip clients for over 12 years, including Dior, Primark, adidas and Musto and have recently filled our warehouse with the latest LED solutions to meet the ever-increasing demand.

All Handy LED solutions offer super high brightness, high contrast ratio, high grey scale, high refresh rate, super vivid colour, super wide view angle, super soft display and a flush, even surface.

Here, we run through our Handy AV P4, P6 and P10 solutions, all available from stock with Handy’s installation and content providing service available if required:

HandyLED P4
Not the smallest LED pitch size available, but perfect for a majority of retail applications. Eye catching and crisp at distances of over 20m, but also clear messages when walking by, we have installed hundreds of P4 panels across Europe in some of the best recognised high street brands. P4 works best when applied at eye level, either mounted as a traditional video ‘wall’ or used in creative floor mounted presentations such as wrap arounds and curved floor displays.

HandyLED P6
For when displays are being mounted higher or at a distance from the target audience, the P6 (6mm pitch) panels make perfect sense. They provide a great, cost effective way of creating large scale displays and are widely used in places such as sporting venues, where they are able to perform double duties – providing a state-of-the-art scoring and information system while also being a revenue stream for eye catching advertising content.

HandyLED P10
Handy’s P10 displays are the tried and trusted solution for effective outdoor digital signage. Bright, light and hard to ignore, the 10mm LED pitch of these displays lends them to uses such as the side of buildings, large advertising billboards or information points for airports and transport hubs. For larger sporting stadia, they also, of course, are superb for providing real time information to large crowds. P10 is the option when maximum impact is required in the biggest of spaces, and works best when viewing distance is in excess of 10m.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of digital signage, including supply, installation, content management and maintenance, call our friendly team on 020 8466 6500.