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There is little doubt that years of talk of AV integrating with analytics and biometrics is finally now seeing projects using this technology on a daily basis.

The pre-show talk at ISE this year focussed on analytics and AV becoming closer than ever before. David Rowan from Wired gave an excellent talk on how the falling cost of sensor technology will see analytics enter almost every aspect of our lives – and he had it spot on.

Five years ago, the prospect of a coffee shop changing its music as it recognised your tastes as soon as you walked through the door erred towards science fiction, but today’s analytics make it possible.

In truth, technology has always been about making certain ideas come together. If we look at the common smartphone, it now takes the place of dozens, if not hundreds, of devices from 20 years ago, including a music player, camera, dictaphone, rolodex, guitar tuner, alarm clock, gaming device – the list goes on.

The same can also be said for the world of AV, many of today’s solutions see previous technologies combine to make things simpler to operate, install and maintain. System on chip displays, removing the need for a content pc, is one example that springs to mind.

For total AV management, however, there still appears to be a need to assemble a myriad of boxes to satisfy a solution. This is, of course, dependent on the project. Large scale, multi-zone installs are naturally going to require more hardware than, say, a single room retail outlet.

We recently completed a large, Europe-wide project for Primark, involving Samsung displays, MagicInfo, HandyLED™ panels, BOSE, Cloud, QSC and Sharp PA systems. As well as Primark’s European stores, including several flagship locations across ten countries, the project delivery included their head office in Dublin and new 1,000,000 sqft distribution centre.

Working closely with our retail clients, who include Kenzo, adidas, Dior and Musto, gives us great insight into their key aims and objectives – with technology being essential to a successful store.

But even with smaller retail outlets, it is all too common to have separate hardware and systems managing audio, video, security, wi-fi and any analytics monitoring software.

If all this could be done from one solution, from a world renowned manufacturer, which would even take care of PRS licences, then surely that would be a giant leap forwards for both end users and integrators alike?

Well, technology is all about moving forward and we’ll will soon be announcing huge news which will allow just that. We could not be more excited.

Stay tuned to Handy AV to learn more!