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Specialist AV integrators Handy AV have expanded their technical sales team with the appointment of Laurence Downs.

Laurence, who will be based at Handy AV’s head office in Sidcup, Kent, will be tasked with expanding Handy’s impressive client list, which includes household names such as Primark, Musto, Dior and adidas. 

With several years’ experience in the renewable energy sector, as well as a spell as a special constable in the Metropolitan Police, Laurence is relishing his new role. “I am thrilled to join the team here at Handy”, he said. “Bringing cutting edge technology into businesses is an exciting concept and Handy’s 15+ years’ experience in this area is a great reassurance to customers. What’s more, Handy’s buying power make their HandyLED™ digital signage highly cost effective – offering clients more impact for their budget.”

The appointment comes ahead of a busy period for Handy AV, who will be showcasing a selection of their solutions portfolio at the upcoming RDSE show in Olympia on May 8-9.

This latest post is another milestone in Handy AV’s expansion, with managing director Aubrey Wright saying: “Handy AV are delighted to welcome Laurence to the Handy AV team. He is a sharp-minded, sales driven individual with a personal approach. As we expand into new areas, Laurence will help to strengthen our presence in retail as well as open doors in other vertical markets.”