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Smart Awards
Handy AV win Best Commercial Install accolade at Smart Building Awards

Handy AV are delighted to be announced winners of Best Commercial Install at the recent Smart Building Awards for our interactive store for Cruise 1st.

Hosted as part of the two-day E I Live exhibition, the evening is a celebration of all that is great and good in the install industry, with all awards judged by an independent panel of industry professionals.

Staged in the Equus Suite at Sandown Racecourse, the awards saw Handy AV representatives, including project manager Perdee Gould and Handy AV managing director Aubrey Wright and finance chief Lyndsay Copeland, attending for a fine evening of networking, dinner, dance and celebration.

Aubrey Wright said: “We are thrilled to receive this industry recognition from event organisers Essential Install and Commercial Integrator Europe. We are very proud of the Cruise 1st project, bringing the full interactive experience to customers in the High St.”

“Special mention needs to be made to our project manager Perdee Gould, who ensured the install and equipment used all ran without issue. This accolade will take pride of place at our Sidcup HQ and we look forward to hopefully seeing future projects in the spotlight later in the year.”

For a full report of our Cruise 1st interactive store install, click the link below:
Where To Buy Valium In Canada