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Handy AV announce new exclusive UK deal with Telefonica On The Spot Services

Aubrey Wright

Handy AV, the specialist AV integrator in the retail and corporate sector, have partnered with Telefónica On The Spot Services in an exclusive deal which brings the Spanish company’s products to the UK market.

Handy AV have long standing relationships with some of the High Street’s best known names, including Primark, Sports Direct and Kenzo. By working with Telefónica On The Spot Services, Handy can now offer an AV solution that covers full customer analytics and reactive audio to support their digital signage business.

Telefónica On The Spot Services provides access to a series of innovative digital solutions which can transform the ambience of retail, corporate and hospitality environments to improve the customer experience.

The single solution, which integrates Audio Visual content control with customer analytics and free wi-fi, brings a wealth of benefits:

  • The digital ambience music service offers 500 channels, which are constantly updated to create the best combination of rhythm to suit each business and space. Advert free and with no interruptions, this service also includes copyright and reproduction licences – eliminating the need for businesses to navigate the licencing minefield.
  • Spotsign enables businesses to use large screens to display customised interactive digital content from news to videos and promotions, perfect for visual digital advertising and marketing needs.
  • Spotwifi is a free Wi-Fi solution for the visitors with the possibility of interacting with them through communication campaigns, which allows virality in social networks.
  • With analytic software synced up to cameras, stores can benefit from demographic data capture and traffic footfall information – valuable tools for any retailer.
  • Impact customers with an advertising channel.
  • Use metrics and tools to promote contact points with customers.
  • Activate points of sale and unique shopping experiences


Aubrey Wright, managing director of Handy AV, said: “By adding Telefónica On The Spot Services to our portfolio, we will be able to serve our established retail customers like never before.”

He added: “The next step for AV is its interactivity in real world situations and the Telefónica On The Spot Services solutions gives retailers to do just that – bringing analytics, social wi-fi, audio and displays together for a comprehensive AV offering. What’s more, with Handy’s considerable experience, our customers can be assured of a single source that takes away all the hassles of licensing and integration.”

Mr Wright also sees great opportunity beyond retail as Telefónica On The Spot Services has been used to great success in other vertical markets across mainland Europe.

He adds: “Partnering with Telefonica On The Spot Services is great news for our other customers outside of retail. With a service that is tailored to its user, and being totally secure, it’s as fitting for retail and hospitality as it is for museums and stadiums.”

Carlos Marina Civera, CEO of Telefonica On The Spot Services, said: “The agreement signed with Handy AV enables the distribution of Telefónica On The Spot Services in UK. This will allow Telefónica On The Spot Services and Handy AV to maximize their business development and marketing channels and increase the operational capacity of all our current customers with the same levels of service that Telefónica On The Spot Services  currently offered in a very high potential and demanding market.”

Contact us for more details and how Telefónica On The Spot Services can work in harmony with your AV solution.