Having proven our expertise with Samsung’s MagicNET software, Handy AV were the go-to for Samsung UK to troubleshoot their client installations. However, this peer-to-peer solution had its limitations, meaning a true client/server technology was needed. In 2008, Handy AV were specifically selected to advise with Samsung Korea about the development of their new web based MagicInfo software using Tomcat/Apache and PostgreSQL.

The development continued through beta to the first public release, MagicInfo Pro, where we invested time and resources into testing the various software releases, transcending the branding titles. Ultimately, we hosted our own MagicInfo-i Premium server with local clients and developed the capacity to run non-Samsung displays on Samsung SBB media players.

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12 years on and we’re still avid exponents of MagicINFO on many of our digital signage projects, for a wide range of distinguished clients. Handy AV have been ever-present throughout MagicINFO’s development into the cutting-edge solution offered today and are therefore better positioned than anyone to host and manage your digital signage network.

We have a vast and impressive knowledge of the solutions components, including all of its key features, innovative design elements and unique capabilities. These include API's to now develop integration and interactivity for features such as Event Trigger and Spot Solution. Add to these MagicINFO Analytics and Datalink, the MagicINFO product portfolio is comprehensive.

Our Award-Winning Hosted MagicINFO Platform

Handy AV offer our Hosted MagicINFO service to provide management of your domain, together with content scheduling, device management and firmware updates. We provide consultancy on design and implementation for installations on premis, and also offer training at our facility with access to our large demonstration stock, or on site at your premises

NEW MagicINFO 7  - Here's the latest brochure containing everything you need to know about the solution and how it's wide range of contemporary design features can benefit your business's content management process....and more ! 

If you're looking for an efficient and capable platform to host your digital signage network, read how MagicINFO 7 can solve the challenges your business faces and provide you with an easy and effective solution to controlling your digital signage.

Inside you will find an in-depth insight into MagicINFO's major components (Author, Server and Player). It includes the proactive, real-time content capabilities such as 'Event Trigger' & 'Spot Solution' and introduces the all new MagicINFO Analytics.

To view the MagicINFO 7 Brouchure click HERE.
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If you want to find out more, please click on the logo to visit Samsung's MagicINFO page.