Helping Businesses Continue During the Second Wave

As the UK moves into tiered lockdown zones, businesses are preparing for the second wave of Coronavirus and anticipating the impact of a ‘double-dip’ could have on their future. The immediate focus for all businesses now is discovering ways to avoid complete shutdown which could prove devastating for many public-facing businesses globally.

As we’ve learned over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to influence the way we work, shop, and live, not just this year but well into the future as we negotiate the severity of restrictions and safety measures. 

As employers, it’s their duty to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for their employees in the first instance – and also for anyone else who may visit the workplace such as customers, contractors, and members of the public. With this in mind, at Handy AV, we have been developing solutions to support businesses to remain operational and compliant throughout the pandemic, protecting the health and safety of customers and staff while managing social distancing and customer flow in shared spaces. 


About HandyPOS™

We envisage the increased emphasis on sanitation as a mainstay for the UK, as we navigate not only Coronavirus but also the cold and flu season which, like clockwork is upon us once again. HandyPOS™ Hand Sanitiser Station is an all-in-one solution combining a 22" LCD digital signage screen with an integrated automated hand sanitiser dispenser. 

HandyPOS™ provides a "Point of Sanitation" for high footfall, public-facing environments such as retail, educational institutions, workplaces, leisure, and hospitality, protecting the public from bacteria and viruses whilst also serving as an effective digital signage tool, enabling you to reach your audience with using targeted, live content, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. 

As part of an enhanced Covid-19 strategy, HandyPOS provides a foundation of care for both public, and staff alike, instilling confidence in safety for all.



As organisations review and manage their return to work strategies with coronavirus lockdown restrictions currently changing on a daily basis, HandyCHECKPOINT™ provides peace of mind for businesses operating in high-traffic public environments.

Using motion detection and facial recognition, HandyCHECKPOINT™ recognises people approaching and detects the skin temperature using a high-resolution, non-contact AI thermal detector. Their skin temperature is automatically measured in milliseconds, which will alert a person with an elevated temperature - signaling potential Covid-19 symptoms - to seek additional screening. 

In line with government guidelines, HandyCHECKPOINT™ uses facial recognition to detect if the user is wearing a mask and reminds the user via screen and audio to reinforce public safety regulations. Facial recognition can also be used for tracking time attendance and enabling automated entry systems.

HandyCHECKPOINT™ is also able to gain real-time people tracking information about individuals entering premises, enabling organisations to take measures to keep their premises safe and secure.


What Else Can Businesses Do?

  • Establish Heightened Health & Safety Measures

Now that businesses have safely made the transition back to a safe physical workspace or public environment, is now paramount that they establish and embed an effective new routine for conducting business and managing the welfare of their staff, customers and visitors. 

  • Monitor Social Distancing using People Tracking

At Handy AV we provide intelligent IP-based people tracking services driven by heat mapping, people counters, and analytics that provide businesses with insights to build customer profiles and understand how people navigate their spaces. In turn, by understanding the way in which people use your space, businesses can ensure that they can monitor the number of visitors and adhere to social distancing rules whilst enabling businesses to remain operating at their optimal capacity, considering health, safety, and quality of customer experience. 

  • Re-evaluate Real Estate Footprint

Understanding the way in which people utilise your space is key for optimising ROI per square foot of selling space. Customer behaviour and requirements have changed during the pandemic and will continue to do so as we navigate these changing times. Adjusting merchandising and signage configurations according to people tracking data can yield significant results. 

  • Embrace and Implement New Technology

Utilising the right technology and data intelligence is key to providing a safe customer experience and also enables businesses to identify opportunities to increase revenue and react quickly to changes in consumer behaviours. 

Learn more about how Handy AV can not only support businesses to survive and protect their people during the second wave of Coronavirus in the UK, but enable them to thrive and delight their customers and visitors through thoughtful adjustments and additions which provides peace of mind, protection against coronavirus and an elevated customer experience. 

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