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As well as supporting clients across Europe and beyond, Handy AV have been busy in their home ‘heartland’.

Following the tremendous double win at the Bexley Business Awards this year, where Handy AV walked away with Technology Business of the year and the coveted Best Overall Business, Handy AV have recently completed important work for Peabody Trust – one of London’s largest and oldest housing and community associations.

Handy AV’s awards success provided an excellent opportunity to network with local businesses – rubber stamping them as the leading provider of digital signage and audio video solutions in the area.

Introductions made on the evening now sees Handy AV working with Peabody Trust as their technical support partner. Recent work has included a new AV installation at The Link Community Centre in Thamesmead, including the installation of a Panasonic PTEZ590 projector, ELT 30a 11m throw lens and a 10m x 7.5m Draper screen. Complementing audio was also provided by Handy AV engineers, with RCF Acoustics speakers providing 300w of quality sound to the front channel with 150w speakers providing a supporting soundstage for the side and rear of the hall.

Aubrey Wright, managing director, said: “Our double win at the Bexley Business Awards has further established us in the minds of local businesses and organisations. At the gala dinner, we were introduced to management at Peabody Trust, who were an award sponsor of the event. It soon became clear that we could benefit each other as they provide community hubs and care centres, as well as housing in the region. Our workload regularly takes us across the UK and into mainland Europe, but it’s always nice to be involved with projects closer to home – especially ones that benefit the local community.” 

He adds: “Having a local award-winning business like Handy AV to support them with their AV requirements gives Peabody total peace of mind.”


To see more on The Link, clear here: Buy Valium In Ho Chi Minh

Full details of Handy AV’s double award-winning night can be found here: Buy Zepose Valium