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BMW Motorrad Park Lane, London wanted something different for their new showroom. AV specialist, DDC installed a large 120” inch 360° projection screen mounted on to glass.

Our manufacturing facility in Germany supplied the 120” diagonal 360° Omniscreen laminated to a 5 square Meter piece of 10mm thick toughened glass. The screen was then delivered to site within the specified delivery time, where it was installed as the centrepiece to the showroom.

A Chrisitie 6,500 ANSI Lumen XGA projector delivers the selected content of adverts and presentations. The video signal is also distributed to a number of LCD screens positioned around the showroom.

According to Aubrey Wright, Director of Handy AV “The Omniscreen, which features in our HandySCREEN™ portfolio, provides a balanced double sided image which is sharp and bright, with excellent shadow and greyscale definition. We are most pleased with the results of the lamination on to this large piece of glass, which demonstrates our diverse screen production skills. We know that the screen qualities such as, anti hot spotting, high visibility and wide angle of view make our projection screens probably the best in the marketplace”. BMW Motorrad Park Lane are more than pleased with this solution.