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When Mortgage Brokers, CG Private Clients Limited, wanted an exciting interactive information system for their new office reception window, Handy AV had the answer.

Our HandyTOUCH™ Through Glass solution was the perfect choice. Positioned behind a toughened glass window, the device uses projected capacitance to sense touch on the public side.

It incorporates our HandySCREEN™ Light Foil, a 40” diagonal high gain rear projection screen. A PC controls the delivery of content, which is projected on to the screen using an NEC LT265, 2,500 ANSI Lumen XGA projector. There are no external fittings so the unit is safe and secure.

Paul Welch, Managing Director, CG Private Clients said “We have a prime location with high pedestrian footfall. We wanted to provide the public with a captivating presentation of our services, including our on screen Mortgage Calculator. The HandyTOUCH™ screen from Handy AV provided the means to do so, effectively and within our budget”.