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Cruise 1st
Handy AV steers Cruise 1st to first concept store

Valium Pills Online

Handy AV were commissioned to design the audio visual installation in the new mixed office and interactive store in Salford’s Lowry Outlet Mall for innovative cruise holiday provider, 
Cruise 1st.

The History
Launched in 2000, Cruise 1st has always been different to other travel agencies. In the intervening years, due to the increasing popularity of cruising holidays, it experienced significant growth and outgrew its first premises. So, when development owner Peel Holdings offered them a prestige unit in its newly redeveloped Lowry Outlet Mall it took the plunge. Their new accommodation with office space, and the first interactive cruise store in the UK, opened in January 2018.

The Challenge
With Cruise 1st’s company moto of ‘Second to none’, the office and interactive cruise store had to be something special to set it apart from high street travel agents. Cruise 1st approached Handy AV to put together a complete retail and office AV solution for the new premises.

The Solution
As a premier retailer Cruise 1st wanted to create an environment where their customers could feel relaxed and enjoy browsing and planning their next cruise holiday. The interactive store was the first of its kind in the UK catering exclusively for cruise holiday customers. The design for the interactive store centred around a set of 12 x user touch screen terminals with information kiosks and screens around the store.

The Cruise 1st interactive cruise store has 12 x iiyama 22” monitors on bespoke PMV desk mount brackets to provide interactive terminals for browsing, configuring and purchasing cruises.

All the video content to the large screens is delivered by BrightSign digital signage players, including live TV content from Cruise 1st’s own Sky TV channel (Channel 860). The 2x2 iiyama 46” video wall is hung using B-Tech’s System X system 8312 and content is delivered to it from the BrightSign players via an award-winning Datapath Fx4 display wall controller. The window display signage, again, uses iiyama screens mounted with B-Tech floor to ceiling mounts.

The Results
Bruno Figueiredo continued: “It has been a pleasure working with Handy AV on this project. They have embedded themselves into the business and it feels like we’re working with our own team of AV experts. In the solution we have developed with Handy AV we have created a very sophisticated and welcoming store."

The customer feedback has been very positive, with sales already up on previous years. "Cruise 1st are planning to further enhance the window signage from the office side of the building onto the quayside during 2018 with Handy AV developing a bespoke solution for this."

“It was important for us to create a relaxed and luxurious retail space where our customers could interactively browse and create their dream cruise.”- Bruno Figueiredo IT Manager for Cruise 1st

Kit List
12 x iiyama - ProLite IIYT2236MSCB2 22” Touch screen
4 x iiyama – ProLite IIYTF4637B2AG 46” Touch screen
7 x iiyama - ProLite IIYLH5581SB1 55" screens
1 x Datapath - Fx4 multi display controller
3 x B-Tech System 2 Floor to ceiling bracket
1 x B-Tech Videowall System X rail 2x2 + BT-8312’s
4 x BrightSign - BSXT243 media players
12 x PMV Mounts custom built desk stands
3 x PMV Mounts custom built lecterns enclosures