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Choosing a digital signage solution that breaks a new marketing campaign, from single screen to a multisite video wall, inevitably comes down to the client testing the old adage, “Seeing is believing.”

As Handy AV's projects have become more sophisticated, CEO Aubrey Wright was determined that when the firm moved to bigger premises the new facilities would have a bespoke demonstration suite so that clients could see and compare the different solutions now available. Put simply, Handy AV needs to be handy for all stakeholders.

Making the investment for a new home for Handy AV was more complicated than expected. On the shopping list was:

Office space for expansion
A secure site with 24/7 access
Adequate storage for equipment and customer 'Gold Stock'
Workshop and Project assembly area
Hosting facilities and full data cabling infrastructure
Fully equipped demonstration studio

Added to the list was a location that has good road links, parking and a spot close to central London.

Eventually Handy AV settled for a site in Sidcup, close to the northern end of the M20 with access to channel ports and ten minutes from junction three of the M25. Staff find it easy to reach and there are choices for rail travel to London mainline stations.

The ground floor gives easy access to the demonstration studio which features a variety of screen and video walls, variable light conditions and natural daylight. As Aubrey puts it:

“Our clients nowadays are making major spending decisions for systems that might be sited in several countries. Our facilities can show how we plan, design, install, support and maintain screens and displays. In particular, we can demonstrate how our powerful software can remotely manage content and schedule the images that appear. This remote control extends to device management and the operating health of the system. Having that level of control off site can make significant savings in the whole life costs of a project.”

With manufacturers producing different types of screen the demonstration studio enables the client to see chosen images the way a customer sees them.

The other benefit from visiting Handy AV is that clients can see some of smaller items and accessories that they offer along with audio capabilities that accompany displays.

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