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Buy Diazepam In Uk Online, Valium Buy Australia

A striking 6 x 9 Samsung Video Wall was created for Dior in Sloane Street, London. This high resolution moving image presentation transformed the store space and delivered a memorable and luxurious customer experience. Video walls can create a sense of extravagance and beauty in any space which is why they are often used for impact by fashion brands, museums, exhibitors or for creative installations.

Video walls can be positioned either inside or built to withstand the most demanding exterior locations. The quality resolution, combined with striking creative content, makes an immediate and unforgettable impression. Handy AV can install your video wall and help you control the placement and timing of your messages, wherever you have an internet connection. 

Handy AV installed a 54 screen videowall for us and we'd definitley consider using them again. They have extensive knowledge in their field and are reliable, responsive and helpful during and post installation. Handy AV also helped with other issues which were not their responsibility.

Morgan Seghin – Facilities Manager
Christian Dior Couture


Buy Diazepam In Uk Online, Valium Buy Australia

12 Dior Store Experience Deployments

Samsung 40", 46", 55", 65", displays and videowalls

Locations: London - Harrods, Heathrow, Oxford Street, Selfridges, Sloane Street. Manchester Exchange, Trafford Centre.