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Handy AV have strengthened their management team with the appointment of Perdee Gould as business development manager.

Handy, who have recently moved into impressive new 6,000 sq ft offices in Sidcup, Kent, are well known for global retail installations and content management – having completed AV projects for clients such as Dior, Adidas, Kenzo and JD Sports.

The company is now expanding its offering into other key vertical markets, including corporate, stadia and leisure and Perdee will be driving new business in these areas, as well as reinforcing current relationships.

Perdee joins Handy AV following five years at leading distributor Midwich, where she was responsible for Samsung’s LFD business with the Norfolk-based company. She brings a wealth of experience with her and the appointment heralds an exciting new era for Handy AV and their owner, Aubrey Wright.

Aubrey said: “We are delighted to welcome Perdee to the Handy AV team – the demand for digital signage continues to grow and she knows the industry inside out. Her comprehensive connections, and dedication, will help us expand into exciting new territory. Over the past 15 years, Handy AV has built a reputation with retail installations that is second to none and our high standards have seen us become a default choice for global store rollouts. We want to use this expertise to further expand into new areas of digital signage and Perdee will be driving this exciting new phase for handy AV.” 

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