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Specialist AV integrators Handy AV will be bringing examples from their comprehensive portfolio to the Retail Digital Signage Expo next month, along with one-off offers designed to save customers large bills for consultancy and integration services.

Handy AV are the UK-exclusive provider of Telefonica OnTheSpot services, a cost effective single box solution for delivering SMART Retail, managing video content, audio, wi-fi and customer analytics. Visitors to their B36 booth at RDSE will qualify for a free consultation to assess OnTheSpot suitability in their store.

OnTheSpot Pre-Sales Engineer at Handy AV, Warren Bremner, explains: "OnTheSpot solutions are changing technology in many stores and outlets across Europe. We are keen for our customers old and new to see the numerous benefits of synchronising AV management with a leading solution from a trusted global provider. The free consultation offer will allow stores to assess which components fit with their business model, as well as a breakdown of how the solution makes for a more efficient store and happier customers."

Handy AV will also be bringing a free installation offer to the Olympia show. This highly cost effective, limited promotion covers the installation of Samsung displays and Optoma projectors, subject to offer conditions.

Warren reveals he is expecting this offer to be warmly welcomed at the show. He adds: "For many stores, installing cutting-edge digital signage is an exciting, and sometimes expensive, time. Here at Handy AV, we are focused on offering true value for money with minimal hassle. By offering this free installation offer at RDSE, we are removing a typical cost from new projects, giving our customers even more bang for their buck."

Visitors to Handy AV's RDSE booth will also be able to discuss their content management expertise. Handy AV have been providing solutions to high street stores such as Primark, TSB, Dior and adidas for over 15 years and are acknowledged as Samsung's MagicInfo specialist. Indeed, Handy AV worked with Samsung in the development of the renowned content management software.

With a large range of LED signage solutions, from the smallest to the largest display, along with projection, kiosks and interactive displays, Handy AV have all bases covered at RDSE.

Retail Digital Signage Expo runs from 8-9 May at London Olympia. Valium Pills Online