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Our engineers enjoyed a productive road trip to our Primark friends in Europe – maintaining digital displays in stores from Brussels to Berlin.

Covering over 1,500 miles, our team visited Primark’s flagship stores in Berlin, Cologne and Dusseldorf, as well as stores in Brussels and Essen where we performed scheduled servicing, as well as checking over 100 displays, including HandyLED™ displays and Samsung video walls.

The week also saw Handy AV engineers replacing two screens (Samsung ME75C and MD65C) and installing three Panasonic DZ870 projectors with DLE030 ultra short throw lens (1 x New Replacement).

Aubrey Wright, managing director at Handy AV, said: “We are committed to servicing our clients needs and maintaining their AV investments is a vital part of our service offering.”

He adds: “It’s always a pleasure to visit our Primark customers and it’s great to see how they are utilising our displays with eye-popping content and creative presentation. All store managers were very happy to see us and very helpful in accommodating to our tight schedule. It was a busy week, requiring slick logistics and planning, but now Primark have their AV equipment serviced and without any issues – vital for retailers during the busy Festive period.”