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Audio Visual integrator Handy AV continues its 2016 growth with the appointment of Max Jaeckel-Parker to its business management team.

Following former Samsung specialist Perdee Gould’s arrival from Midwich earlier in the year, Max joins Handy AV at its Kent headquarters as business management executive.

With a background in the real estate industry and technology consulting, Max is experienced in working with global businesses across multiple sectors and can boast a Bsc (Hons) in International Management, gained from The University of Manchester.

His appointment is aligned to Handy AV’s continued expansion programme, which has seen them become one of the key providers of digital signage in the retail sector, supplying clients such as Dior, adidas, Primark and JD Sports.

Aubrey Wright, managing director at Handy AV, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Max to the team, where his international business background is sure to be of benefit. Our client portfolio covers the world, so his education and experience will be a great asset to both us and our customers.”

Max said: “I am delighted to be joining Handy AV and am committed to helping drive their growth ambitions. One visit to their new Sidcup headquarters is enough to prove they are a market leading business and I am looking forward to supporting them on that continued journey. I am excited to meet the challenges that lay ahead, especially working to continue the significant growth seen in our international markets.”

For all digital signage and content management enquiries, Max can be reached on… 
020 8466 6500.