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By its very nature, technology is an ever-evolving animal and we strive to bring our customers the very latest solutions in a way that improves the impact and efficiency of their business.

With so much development at our Sidcup HQ, we hosted an Open Day to demonstrate our products and services, as well as announce the exciting UK exclusive partnership with Telefonica On The Spot Services – a deal that we believe will change the way technology is operated in Retail.

With customers, manufacturer partners and AV trade press in attendance, the day began with a welcome tea or coffee (or a glass of Prosecco!) as visitors perused examples from Handy AV’s digital signage portfolio. On display were LG’s excellent 86-inch ultrastretch display (86BH5C) mounted on a bespoke B-Tech AV Mounts stand. Mounted in portrait orientation, LG’s ultrastretch display is also designed to work 24/7 in landscape format – providing an instant, high quality menu board.

Placed next to a HandyLED 2.5mm LED totem, the comparison between the two displays is instant and allows potential customers to see the difference between LG’s high-end 4k offering and our popular 2.5mm pitch displays which are seen in High Street stores across Europe.

Also in the digital signage showroom were displays of various size and arrangement, including videowalls in 2x2 and 1x2 format, plus a curved 3x3 display all using Samsung UD46D screens and running Samsung MagicInfo content management software.

Display kiosks, for retail or wayfinding, and a 4mm HandyLED display completed the room as guests mingled before the first of two presentations.

At midday, guests were taken into the LED demo room which, with a 6m x 10m display area, must be one of the biggest of its type in the country.

Here, Handy AV owner Aubrey Wright gave a welcome introduction and an overview of HandyLED – a range of RGB displays with LED pitch ranging from 2mm to 10mm. Handy AV’s unique  mounting frame and demo area allows customers to see LED comparison displays side-by-side, giving them peace of mind that they are selecting the right display for their requirements. If customers wish to see the difference between 4mm and 6mm displays, at a distance of 20 meters, Handy have the facility to do just that, with our expert engineers on-hand to demo to any requirement.

A break for a buffet lunch followed, with greetings for a few late arrivals who had been affected by the train disruptions, before the main event of the day – the announcement of Telefonica On The Spot Services partnering with Handy AV in a UK exclusive deal that brings the Spanish company’s products to the UK for the first time.

Presented in Handy AV’s boardroom, senior management from Telefonica On The Spot explained the impact that AV is having on the retail experience. Telefonica On The Spot Services’ global business head Ignacio Alonso Junquera explained how the new technology provides a solution to many of the ‘Frankenstein’ solutions of today to create a single product that has the capability to manage digital signage content, music, wi-fi along with customer data and analytics from a world renowned provider.

The partnership is a perfect fit for Handy AV, who have been working with leading High Street stores for over 12 years. With the arrival of Telefonica On The Spot Services, we are now able to offer our customers a comprehensive Audio Visual package, with everything they need to provide an exciting, engaging retail experience, while also operating more efficiently as they gather data on shoppers’ behaviour and trends.

The afternoon concluded with one-to-one interviews between trade press and management from Spain, before guests collected their Handy AV goody bag to end a successful day.

If you are interested in learning more about any aspect of Handy AV’s LED digital signage, or the fantastic solution from Telefonica On The Spot Services, please give our team a call on 020 8466 6500 and we’ll arrange a personalised demonstration.