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Handy AV receive huge LED delivery for stock and ‘demo warehouse’

Aubrey Wright

An enormous delivery of nearly six tons of LED displays has been received at Handy AV’s Kent headquarters, as the company moves to hold the most comprehensive on-site stock in the country, with demonstration areas to match.

Handy, who have recently moved into impressive new 6,000 sq ft offices in Sidcup, Kent, are well known for global retail installations and content management – having completed AV projects for clients such as adidas, Dior, Kenzo and Primark.

The company is now expanding its offering into other key vertical markets, including corporate, stadia and leisure and the arrival of 5,888kg of various pitch LED panels will allow instant fulfilment on orders, with Handy’s expert team on hand for any required installation.

As well as order fulfilment, the large stock holding will partly be used to demonstrate the benefits of different LED pitch solutions depending on the project specifics.

With one wall of their on-site warehouse being dedicated to large various LED displays, visitors will be able to see the difference that LED pitch makes in real world situations.

Handy AV owner, Aubrey Wright, explains: “There has been much written about the difference in various LED sizes, and the impact that has on picture quality over distances. By having a variety of LED displays, mounted on our 6 x 10 meter building wall, our customers will be able to instantly see how that impacts at viewing distances from 2ft to 220ft. We believe this is vital in helping to select the right solution.”

“We will be offering both sales and rental models on our new LED stock, and welcome anyone who wishes to see the technology in action before making any financial commitment.”

He added: “As well as the displays themselves, we will also be showcasing our expertise in digital signage content and management, which we have been applying into high end retail establishments for over 12 years.”