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HandyLED on show alongside latest ISE technology

Handy AV enjoyed a busy and productive visit to this yearu2019s ISE u2013 now recognised as the largest AV expo in the world.

Staged once again at the vast RAI complex in Amsterdam. There were 1,200 exhibitors and a record 80,000+ visitors to the event u2013 proof that the AV industry is thriving once again. Especially when you consider that 300 of the exhibitors were there for the first time.
Handy AVu2019s technology was present at the show as we showcased our P4 HandyLED solution as part of award-winning B-Tech AV Mountsu2019 Hall 5 booth.

With B-Techu2019s brand-new range of RGB LED mounting solutions, including fixed, freestanding and mobile, Handy AVu2019s display brought an additional eye-catching element to their already impressive, dual-floor booth.
Inavate TV, in association with ISE, filmed our MD, Aubrey Wright, talking about the reliability and versatility of our P4 solution. You can view the video here:
Valium Pills Online

Elsewhere, the show provided an insight into what is on the horizon from the major manufacturers. It was particularly interesting to see what is now possible with projection mapping. Optomau2019s impressive stand demonstrated some fabulous mapping technology that has a wide range of applications from education to hospitality.
LGu2019s fully transparent OLED display were also a big talking point, although Handy AV understand it is not yet fully available (and will be very expensive!).

Our friends at Samsung also had jaw-dropping displays of their own, with arguably some of the sharpest large displays at the show. There were also plenty of examples of how analytics and AV over IP is becoming more prevalent in projects u2013 something Handy AV have been applying to our projects for years.

The main thing we took away from our teamu2019s visit to ISE this year was the positive and healthy mood of the AV industry in general. Yes, it is a very busy show and 15 halls is physically demanding to see in a few days, but there is vibrancy in the AV industry that is encouraging and very welcome.

If you would like a demonstration of our displays, or to discuss any aspect of your AV requirements, please get in touch either via our website, or calling direct on 020 8466 6500