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Handy AV will be joining leading AV mounts manufacturer B-Tech to demonstrate their own hardware at ISE 2017 – showcasing 4mm pixel pitch HandyLED™ panels in a B-Tech pop-out mounting solution.

Handy AV, an established AV integrator working across the commercial and retail AV sectors, have ventured into their own line of LED panels in recent years, with a portfolio that now includes 1.9mm, 4mm, 6mm and 100mm pixel displays.

This year’s ISE will see their 4mm solution being utilised in a 3x4 display on B-Tech AV Mounts’ Hall 5 stand – demonstrating how LED panels can have the same pop-out convenience now enjoyed by videowall displays. HandyLED™ 4mm solutions are widely used in retail signage across Europe, with installs completed for clients including Primark, Dior and adidas.

Handy managing director Aubrey Wright believes B-Tech’s mounting solution will help to further drive the adoption of LED displays. He explains: “There is no doubt that LED panels continue to play a big part in commercial digital signage. We are delighted to be joining B-Tech AV Mounts on their stand this year as we showcase not only how easy it is to mount an LED solution, but also how a pop-out mount makes maintenance and replacement of panels a simple process.”

“B-Tech are known for their superb customer service and precision engineering – qualities that we share here at Handy AV. We look forward to welcoming everyone to Hall 5 and showing what we believe to be the best value LED panels available in the UK.”

HandyLED™ can be seen on B-Tech AV Mounts’ booth – Hall 5 Stand R-60