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Harrods Estates asked Handy AV to modernise their window displays across all their branches. The flagship office located on Park Lane already had a 60” screen film applied to the window, but this was not providing the impact needed. As directed by the Chairman, Mr Al Fayed, they wanted a larger screen to carry their marketing message.

Handy AV removed the screen film and installed a framed 100” inch HandySCREEN™ Contrast Screen together with a 6,500 ANSI Lumen Christie projector. The result was spectacular with the projected image filling the screen evenly providing a wide angle of view without any hot spotting. The presented property portfolio could now be seen clearly and had the needed WOW factor.

The south facing Brompton Road office, located opposite the Harrods store, has a smaller frontage, so a smaller screen solution was needed to compliment the existing window display. Handy AV installed a wire suspended 50” inch HandySCREEN™ Contrast Screen together with a 5,000 ANSI Lumen Panasonic projector. The result again was spectacular with the projected image filling the screen. The perfect medium to present high value properties.