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The Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London needed a high gain rear projection screen to deliver content for their “Eyes, Lies and Illusions” exhibition.

Handy AV supplied and installed their 60” diagonal Light Foil. The foil is mounted directly onto the window, and is powered by a Mitsubishi 3,000 ANSI Lumen XGA projector which plays a continuous series of illusions. The high gain lenticular screen provides a sharp clear image with a wide angle of view, and is bright enough to see in daylight.

According to Aubrey Wright, Director “Image quality is paramount and the Light Foil is specifically engineered to provide high pixelisation. Other screen vendors attempt to mimic our HandySCREEN™ technology, but can’t compete with the overall performance of our product. With no hot spot, high visibility and wide angle of view, our range of foils and screens are suited to boardroom, broadcast, exhibition and retail POP application”.

The Hayward Gallery are more than pleased with the end result.