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Valium Online Spain, Valium Where To Buy In The Uk

Handy AV designed a custom digital display for Intu's Customer Service Desk in Uxbridge. The custom totems presented a modern and inviting space for Intu's customers, with secure, robust and freestanding digital displays. The customer service space was installed using four 55" Totems, holding two Samsung LED Displays and two 32" Touchscreens.

Handy AV design, produce and install Totems for a broad variety of purposes, including touch screen information centres and kiosks. They are secure and damage-proof, even in outdoor or open spaces. Totem frames make it possible for digital displays to be stand alone or mounted to a wall and can also be used to create two-directional digital displays for your message to reach more people.u00a0


Valium Online Spain, Valium Where To Buy In The Uk

Intu Customer Service Desks & Shopping Experience

Samsung UE55C 55” LED Displays
Samsung ME32 32” LED Displays
Wayfinding touchscreens
6m HandyLED Videowall

Locations: Glasgow/Uxbridge, UK