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JD Sports Dusseldorf installationJD Sports Dusseldorf installation

This dynamic HandyLED™ 'Up and Over' display solution was recently installed at JD Sports' new flagship store located at Schadowstrasse 57, Dusseldorf, Germany. 

The dispaly was bespoke built for JD Sports and is designed to captivate their customers by immersing them within a digital experience. 

Our skilled team of AV engineers went above and beyond to ensure JD recived a high-quailty solution that was contsructed with extreme precision. 

Both display faces are composed of 10, 500mm x 750mm HandyLED™ cabinets, with the ceiling section held securley in place by our custom mounting system.

For more infomation on either of these HandyLED™ displays and how they can be deployed to benefit your business give us a call on 020 8466 6500 


The store was further enhanced with the installation of an accompanying HandyLED™ high bright window display. 

Positoned at the stores forefront, the display is in the optimum loaction for an effective digital signage solution. This is because it allows for the constant dispaly of engaging promotional content, designed to attract an abundance of highstreet consumers.

The video wall consists of 20 P3.9 HandyLED™ RGB cabinets (1000mm x 500mm each) which are constructed in a 4x5 formation. The completed video wall measures at an impressive 10sqm (4m x 2.5m).