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JD Sports

JD Sports AV Shopping Experience

To maximise JD Sport's escalator and entrance space, Handy AV installed LED Tickers for impactful in-store messaging. JD Sports utilised the technology to welcome customers, share product messages and announce special offers in real time. LED RGB Technology and Tickers are deployed to broadcast simple, in the moment messages to your customers.

LED Tiles & Ticker displays can communicate easy-to-read messages to large audiences. They are also one of the most versatile and budget friendly methods to get your message across quickly and efficiently. This digital display technology is adapted for a wide variety of uses, including advertising, message boards, exchange rate displays, waiting rooms and sports scoreboards. They can be installed in both interior and exterior locations.


Technical Specifications

JD Sports Shopping Experience

LED Tile Displays
Dot Matrix Tickers

Locations: Oxford Street, London, UK