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Getting 'Face-to-face'

Case Study
January 2005

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Ketchum Limited, London wanted a video conferencing solution to enable links between their US and European offices, and client offices.

 Eddie Thorpe, Office Manager at Ketchum, said “We needed a flexible solution that enabled us to communicate with our offices in the US and Europe, as well providing access to multiple client locations. Handy AV met our conditions and delivered the best suited solution”.

Aubrey Wright, Director of Handy AV said “The system was designed to operate with the existing Megastream infrastructure using IP. We liaised with both the London and Pittsburgh offices, as to suitability. The Sony PCS-1P was chosen and connected to their data infrastructure. In addition, a 768Kbps ISDN module was installed, allowing dial-up multipoint connections.”

Eddie Thorpe, added “Ketchum is one of the world's leading public relations agencies, delivering innovations that help clients quickly realise their communications goals. Our State-ofthe-art intranet and extranet with collaborative eRooms, enables Ketchum and client teams to now share information “Face-to-Face” in a virtual team room, accessible from anywhere”.

Aubrey Wright, concludes, “Our success was due to this amazing video conferencing solution from Sony. The PCS-1P offers a number of useful features and options that enable PC’s to share data, show presentations, run Interactive Whiteboard sessions, and more”.

Ketchum Limited are more than happy with this solution.

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