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LED displays are fantastic for displaying video in bright conditions, even in bright sunlight and offer vivid colours that attract attention in the busiest of retail environments.  As many LED display systems are modular, they can be built to any size, aspect ratio and orientation.  There are also flexible products which can be built in curved configurations to really wow the customers.

When specifying an LED display system most of the parameters are the same as for any display product:Size, aspect ratio, orientation and resolution.

For LED display systems, there is one more; pixel pitch.

Smaller pixel pitches will always deliver better image quality from all viewing distances, but they cost significantly more. You can lower the costs of an LED display by using a larger pixel pitch and still have the same image quality, if the viewing distance is sufficient.

An LED sign with a pixel pitch P10 has a minimum viewing distance of 10m and an optimum viewing distance of 20m. If your audience are watching from 10m to 50m away, they will see a good quality image with a lowering of pixilation from 10m to 20m and a great quality image after 20m. 

As a rough guide, P10 is suitable for outdoor applications with viewing distance of 10m and more. A P8 or P6 display could be used if the target audience are in closer proximity. For indoor applications P6 may suit advertising needs with a minimum viewing distance of 6m. While P4 or even P2.5 (2.5mm pitch) can be used if your audience are closer to the display, such as an LED video wall in a retail environment.

A great way to appreciate how your content will look on an LED display is to see it.  Handy AV in Sidcup have built the UKs largest LED display wall to demonstrate exactly how your content will look when its 30 feet tall or 40 feet wide. They have 2 screens of differing pitches next to each other so you can make a side-by-side comparison for total peace of mind and before making any financial commitment.  The screens can also be changed so that you can view your content at a variety of pitches.

Handy AV offers a complete LED display screen service.  Advising you on design and configuration, through to full installation, complete after sales support and ongoing maintenance.

Visitors to Handy AV’s headquarters are encouraged to bring their own content to see the impact an LED display screen could make to your project