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Phileas Fogg Travel Company, Farnborough, Hampshire wanted something different for their new Bracknell store. They looked to Handy AV to provide a large format touchscreen solution that could work through their shop window.

Handy AV supplied and installed a 60” diagonal HandyTOUCH™ Through Glass touchscreen. The touchscreen frame is mounted on a wire suspension system, in contact with the windows surface, and is powered by a HandyPROJECTOR™ S4000, 4,000 ANSI Lumen XGA projector, which beams the selected information. The touchscreen incorporates a high gain, lenticular rear projection screen which provides a sharp clear image with a wide angle of view, and is bright enough to see in daylight.

According to Aubrey Wright, Director of Handy AV “The HandyTOUCH™ Through Glass was able to prove its robust design, as it had to work over an uneven glass surface and still allow shoppers to interact with the content. With no hot spot, high visibility and wide angle of view, our interactive projection solution is the probably the best on the market, isn’t it Paspartout !”.

The display is fully interactive and includes audio content delivered using our HandyPOD™ audio transducer technology, for the full audiovisual solution. Phileas Fogg Travel Group are more than pleased with this solution.