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RDSE Show 2018
Handy AV exhibits at the RDSE Show

This year’s RDSE show was the biggest yet for Handy AV, as our stand was one of the largest at 36 sq meters. The show is recognised as the leading retail technology event and was well attended this year by 27,000 industry professionals.

Handy AV joined forces with Leyard and Vestel to showcase some awesome display technology. Supported by our partners B-Tech and Chief who provided standalone and video wall mounts, and housings to best show off the displays.

The central display from Leyard featured their Carbonlight 1.9mm pixel pitch display, 5 sq. meters, which only weighs 2.5Kg per panel, total 50Kg! Surrounded on both sides by 2 x 75” Vestel LED displays in portrait, content was synchronised using our Blue River video wall software and custom content to great effect.

Vestel also supplied 2 x 37” stretch displays, a 65” PCT Touch and 75” Ultra High Bright, all LED displays. Another feature included a 2x2 55” Vestel LED video wall mounted on a Chief stand in portrait, powered by a BrightSign 4K media player and Datapath FX4 video processor to produce a sharp and vibrant display.

Also on show we had the Dreamoc POP3, a clever display showing a peppers ghost visual affect in front of a physical Bottle of Beer. The floating imagery was captivating and a proven dwell point by many visitors.

We also had the Nexnovo Transparent LED display, which at a brightness of 6,500 cd/m² was “Unmissable” and generated a lot of interest. We also used the event to launch our Handy TV service, to feature various industry partners such as Dynascan, NEC, LG and Samsung, The edited videos will feature in future links to our website as a means for our customers to review the latest technology at their leisure.  

Elsewhere, the show provided an insight into what is on the horizon from the major manufacturers. It was particularly interesting to see what is now possible with projection mapping. Dynascan’s impressive stand demonstrated some interesting double sided window displays in various sizes and brightness. LG’s fully transparent OLED display were also a big talking point, although Handy AV understand it is not yet fully available (and will be very expensive!)

Our friends at Samsung also had jaw-dropping displays of their own, with arguably some of the sharpest large displays at the show. There were also plenty of examples of how analytics and AV over IP is becoming more prevalent in projects – something Handy AV have been applying to our projects for years.

If you would like a demonstration of our displays, or to discuss any aspect of your AV requirements, please get in touch either via our website, or calling direct on 020 8466 6500