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You are invited! It’s been an amazing year of developments here at Handy AV and we could not be more excited to reveal our latest UK exclusive offering to the AV industry.

Our Open Day on Thursday, October 13th will give visitors the opportunity to see one of the largest demo areas of LED signage in the UK, as well as the latest content management and display solutions from leading manufacturers.

Handy’s new 6,000 sq ft headquarters in Sidcup, Kent, boasts an LED videowall display of 10m x 6m – comprising of HandyLED displays of various pixel pitch. This unique facility gives customers the chance to see the impact of their purchase in a real-world environment, plus be able to compare specification differences side-by-side.

But that’s not all - the day will also see the official announcement of an exclusive UK partnership with one of the world’s leading names in IT and telecommunications, which is set to revolutionise AV control in retail markets and beyond. 

Providing single point control of digital signage content, music, analytics, wi-fi and much, much more, we believe this latest technology to be a genuine game changer for retail – an area where Handy AV has been applying our expertise for over 12 years with a customer list that includes Primark, adidas, Dior, Kenzo and many more.

To learn about the possibilities and how they can benefit your business, please accept this invitation to visit our Sidcup HQ on October 13th. 

The day is a fantastic informal networking opportunity, with trade press in attendance, as well as key manufacturers, integrators and, of course, end users. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, with plenty of free parking available close to the building.

If you can make it, please Valium Pills Online, we hope to see you there!