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Handy AV made its debut at the Retail Design Expo at Olympia this year - and such was its success that we are already signed up to be back at London Olympia in 2018!

Showcasing a wide selection from our digital signage portfolio, we had a fantastic two days meeting new customers and some of the most influential decision makers in the retail AV industry.

This year, the Retail Design Expo and Retail Business Technology Expo were part of the London Digital Signage Week and there was certainly a fizz about the place as seminars and talk sessions were staged throughout the capital.

For Handy AV, the show gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in providing and managing digital displays in retail. Our retail experience goes back over 15 years and includes many of the High Street's most famous names including Primark, adidas and TSB.

Sponsoring the official guide for the show gave us a great 'shop window' for our offering and we were delighted to meet so many new faces over the two days. With promotions that included free installation of Optoma projestors and Samsung displays, we enjoyed a consistently busy stand as customers old and new came to see what is possible with the latest technology.

With the latest videowalls, projectors and HandyLEDTM displays on show, stand visitors could compare content and technologies for similar projects to ensure they made the right technology investment. AV mounting specialists B-Tech AV Mounts also utilised a 4mm pixel pitch HandyLEDTM on their stand to showcase their latest LED pull-out solution.

Of great interest was our Telefonica OnTheSpot offering, which brings the management of digital signage content, music, wi-fi and analytics into one single solution. Customer analytics are making a large impact in the high street and shopping malls, and OnTheSpot is designed to make stores run at optimum efficiency with automatic processes for switching music and content to customer preferences as well as giving staff a better understanding of their customers' buying habits.

Handy AV are the UK exclusive providers of this technology and, as an RDSE exclusive, we offered a free suitability consultancy for stores who wished to explore OnTheSpot further. Needless to say, interest was high and we are now busy following up numerous leads in stores around the country.

Perdee Gould, business development manager for Handy AV, said: "From the first hour, it was clear that this was going to be a successful show for us! We met many familiar faces that we have worked with over the years, as well as people who were interested in knowing more about Handy AVu2019s technical offering - particularly Telefonica OnTheSpot."

She added: "For retailers, quality and reliability are key factors when making technology investment decisions and we are proud to demonstrate our expertise in retail signage and content management that stretches back over 15 years. The show was the perfect audience for our offering and we look forward to returning for more of the same next year."