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Sweet synchronicity of AV can seal the deal in retail

Aubrey Wright

Today, a shopping experience is an assault on the senses.

A visit to any of the UK’s large malls will see a myriad of displays, messages and music all designed to entice shoppers to purchase. Some even pipe aromas through to the shop floor to make customers feel comfortable and willing to part with their money.

Store designers and display managers spend many hours, and a sizable chunk of money, ensuring that the right products are displayed in the right way – in the right place, with the right lighting, at the correct eye level and so on...

With the ongoing boom in retail digital signage, similar efforts are now being made with AV messages given by stores. Displaying impactful digital content is nothing new, and the benefits of getting it right have been covered, in depth, by many an article.

But today’s technology allows store managers to take it to the next level, with devices that monitor who is in store and change content accordingly. A department store that is showing the latest range of business suits on an LED kiosk when men enter the store, can now change in an instant to cosmetics adverts for female customers.

What’s more, this switching capability is also applied to music, changing tunes that match the demographic of customers.

Today’s analytics solutions are more precise than ever before, with cameras and software that can accurately detect customers’ gender and age range. There are even systems that detect known offenders and blacklisted customers and alert management accordingly.

This accuracy allows stores to automatically change content for maximum store appeal – adding considerable weight to the efforts of store design. Wayfinding kiosks can even direct them straight

With systems that also include free open wi-fi for customers, plus secure networks for staff, the benefits for running a more productive store are obvious.

Many stores are getting a strong start on their competitors by adopting this technology. To discuss the latest, cost-effective single box solutions, speak to your Handy AV representative.

Warren Bremner, pre sales engineer, Handy AV