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Handy AV are seen in every aspect of retail digital signage, from high street boutiques to Airport shopping malls. Here, we see how global and Royal warranted clothing brand Musto and their UK distributor, Peter Stunt, benefited from an easy-to-manage, hassle-free digital signage solution at their Land Rover Burghley Horse Trails specialist clothing store.

The challenge
Although common in most high street stores and blue-chip retailers for many years, video walls are now being used in almost every type of retail outlet, from estate agents to restaurants.
To bring a continuity of experience to their Land Rover Burghley Horse Trails specialist clothing store, Peter Stunt needed a digital signage solution that was flexible to their needs and gave customers a clear overview of the Musto range of technical equestrian clothing. In a busy specialist store, it was important that information was easily managed, and that the displays were placed to provide maximum impact to its customers.

The solution
Handy AV designed a system that would deliver maximum impact.  They also provided the installation of an RGB LED display of 1.92m (6ft 3in) x 1.44m (4ft 7in) with 4mm pixel pitch.
From working with Handy AV on previous in-store digital signage projects, Musto recommended Handy AV to Peter Stunt for their store video displays.

Utilising Handy AV’s 4mm pitch RGB LED signage, the display was easily fixed near to the till points so that they were in the natural eye line of customers as soon as they walked into the store.

Nick Daukes, CEO of Peter Stunt commented,

“Handy AV have really guided us through the process of creating engaging visuals for our temporary retail venues.  They advised us on the best display types for us and our unique venues, right through to editing of content from our Musto partners to better suit an equestrian event.”

The result

With an impressive digital signage solution, Peter Stunt was able to offer a modern experience where customers get a bright, visual styling of the Musto range of technical equestrian clothing.
With wholly flexible content, the displays featured high-definition video making use of the high brightness REG LED displays.

Perdee Gould, business development manager for Handy AV, said:

“From the first hour, it was clear that this was going to be a successful show for us! We met many familiar faces that we have worked with over the years, as well as people who were interested in knowing more about Handy AV’s technical offering - particularly Telefonica OnTheSpot.”  She added:“For retailers, quality and reliability are key factors when making technology investment decisions and we are proud to demonstrate our expertise in retail signage and content management that stretches back over 15 years. The show was the perfect audience for our offering and we look forward to returning for more of the same next year.”

Nick Daukes, CEO of Peter Stunt added,

“The solution provided by Handy AV has been brilliant.  We presented a fairly unique mix of issues to them to overcome.  As we operate from temporary venues at shows and events, it can be difficult to control the light levels, especially if we have very sunny weather.  The RGB LED solution provided a high brightness display which is always visible.  The other issues were of flexibility as the display has to be set up and broken down at every event, so it was essential it was modular, easy to store and transport and quick and easy to set up.  The solution Handy AV provided ticked all the right boxes.”


Peter Stunt

Manor Farm, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Radstock BA3 4QF
Buy Valium By Roche Online Tel: +44 (0)7709 644844

Musto Limited

Unit 4, Juniper West, Fenton Way, Laindon, Essex SS15 6SJ

Order Valium Online Cheap