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Handy AV guided TSB on their latest digital signage investment. Involved from the early stages of design with their mock-up branch, our team worked with TSB's designers and procurement team, together with our close contacts at Samsung to supply, install and maintain in-branch and window displays throughout the UK.

The Solution
As an elite partner of Samsung, Handy AV were able to offer preferential pricing on Samsung products and introduced the Bank to the Samsung Team and their demo facility in Chertsey.

Having shown TSB digital signage in action, Handy AV supplied and installed over 100 displays to branches across the country, from the far north of Scotland, to Wales and as far down as the South West. With varying branch design and window space, different Samsung screen sizes were required to meet their specifications - a potential obstacle that Handy AV's logistical team and engineers managed without fault.

TSB customers now have information at a glance. Installed in fresh, modern enclosures, the displays bring a welcome, modern way of conveying messages to customers. Along with the Samsung standard and ultra high bright displays, Handy AV also provided the latest DynaScan 84-inch ultra high bright display in their Birmingham New Street flagship branch. These interactive displays allow customers to watch 'how to' videos, view local news and events.

"Handy AV are readily flexible and always willing to work to find a solution to the challenges raised" - Christopher Rigg, TSB procurement

The Result
Mike Le Grange, business development manager for Handy AV, said:

"It was a pleasure working with TSB and its fantastic to see our work improving branches up and down the country."

Following the most recent installation, Christopher Rigg, procurement for TSB, was full of praise for Handy AV, saying:
"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Mike Le Grange and Handy AV over the last couple of years, assisting the Bank with in branch screen consultation, purchases, installation and ongoing support and advice.In working with Handy AV, I found Mike to be very professional, engaging and personable in his dealings with us.Handy AV were always happy to work through our collaboration with the patience required when working within a large organisation and were readily flexible and always willing to work to find a solution to the challenges raised."
Christopher Rigg, TSB procurement

Kit list
DynaScan DS84 LED ultra high bright display
Samsung DB40 LED standard displays
Samsung DB55 LED standard display
Samsung DM40 LED standard displays
Samsung DM55 LED standard display
Samsung DM65 LED standard display
Samsung OM46 LED ultra high bright displays
Samsung OM75 LED ultra high bright displays