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The new University College Hospital, London needed a large high gain rear projection screen for its reception area.

Handy AV were asked to supply and oversee the installation of its HandySCREEN™. The screen, measuring nearly 4 square metres, was specially manufactured for this project and needed three audiovisual engineers to install. The project was co-ordinated by ADI Audiovisual.

The HandySCREEN™ is illuminated by two 5,500 ANSI Lumen projectors, exhibiting a live landscape panorama from a camera located on the roof. The camera is trained on the horizon and directed by the wind to zoom across the 360 degree landscape.

The live panorama is the default setting, but it can also be interrupted for information or other art projects. The projectors are controlled by an edge blending system. Input signals are automatically switched from a PC, DVD player and the rooftop camera system.

 Artist, Susan Collins was commissioned to create this real-time video artwork.

 According to Aubrey Wright, Director of Handy AV, “The reception covers a large open area with north and south facing windows, extending up four stories. Ambient light levels are extremely high and a test for any screen vendor”.

University College Hospital are more than pleased with this solution.