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According to their website, the Victoria and Albert museum is the ‘world’s greatest museum of art and design.’ Any visitor spending time there will be hard pushed to disagree. Running an immensely successful museum in the centre of one of the world’s great capital cities where temporary exhibitions, permanent displays and installations, family events, courses, talks and tours run concurrently 362 days of the year, takes inspired management and great communication skills. They are obviously doing something right as the 2011-2012 year saw visitor numbers reach a staggering 2,888,700, their best yet.

Q. How do you communicate such an exciting and wide-ranging programme to an ever growing and enthusiastic public?
A. Install a Handy AV mobile video wall™.

The Victoria and Albert museum did just that with the screens and enclosure seen above.

Terry Suckling, one of the Project managers working at Handy AV commented. “The Victoria and Albert Museum is a very special place. It is home to 3000 years worth of amazing objects and artefacts collected from many of the world’s richest cultures. It’s not stuffy though. There is a real sense of history being alive and kicking in the V&A and there is so much going on that it’s no stretch of the imagination to see that potentially every visitor here could take away a very special memory that was unique to them. The enclosure or totem was specially built for the V&A to house the three Samsung screens. It was designed to be wheeled into areas where a message needed to be put across to a large number of people, but of course this is the V&A so the quality of the message was very important. They create their own very high quality content as you would expect from a museum of art and design and the Samsung screens deal with this beautifully.”

  • 3 x Samsung 46” screens mounted in landscape to form a 3 x 1 Video wall.
  • Custom built mobile ‘totem’ display case.
  • Magic Info Digital signage authoring and display software built in.