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Westgate Optical
Opticians can now see the BIG picture

Case Study
February 2010

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Static display posters like this one are the main stay of retailer marketing, but its not easy to keep the content fresh and up to date.

With the advent of “Digital Signage”, the days of window display posters are now numbered.

Westgate Optical wanted a “Digital Poster” in an external window enclosure. The dynamic display was installed using a floor to ceiling column and portrait mounting system. The Samsung 40” DXN LCD screen incorporates a PC media player running MagicInfo software. The window is south facing, but is shaded by the protruding fascia that surrounds the store, minimising exposure to direct sunlight. Connectivity is easy as only a single power and data socket are required.

‘Westgate has grasped the concept and huge potential of digital signage, and applied it successfully to promote their optical business.’ Says Aubrey Wright, Managing Director of Handy AV. He adds ‘They have found MagicInfo software simple to use, creating templates, scheduling content and reviewing management information with ease. In all, a perfect solution for this retail application.’

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