HandyLED™ is Handy AV's own brand of LED displays and can be bespoke built in a wide range of different formats.HandyLED™ is Handy AV's own brand of LED displays and can be bespoke built in a wide range of different formats.

Handy AV has been working with LED technology since 2006, supplying and installing messaging systems and large format displays, both indoor and outdoor. Our products are made in China by vetted suppliers that afford a balance of quality and performance, at an attractive price.

We also build bespoke displays here in the UK with our NEW  HandyLED™ BLADE range. Handy AV leads the way as recognised innovative LED designers.

Our products and services have won many awards and have received industry recognition from AV magazine at the AV Awards. Furthermore, our clients have won awards for projects that involved HandyLED™ installations, most notably Primark winning the Drapers ‘Best Store Design’ for their Berlin flagship

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The LED (Light Emitting Diode) was invented in 1962 by Nick Holonyak. Early displays used DIP (Dual Inline Package) which for some is still the de facto standard for Outdoor displays, as they are more resiliant to the elements and harder wearing.

The more recent SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) allow for fine pixel pitch displays. The latest COB (Chip On Board) and GOB (Glue On Board) displays can produce Ultra Fine Pixel Pitch displays. With each development comes the need for greater control and more complex video processing as the display areas grow in size to 4K, 8K and beyond.

HandyLED™ displays can be produced in a wide variety of different formats, below is the list of all the possible LED applications we can deploy for you. 

  • Blade
  • Circular/Curved
  • Column Wrap
  • Curtain
  • Flexible
  • Indoor Display
  • In-Glass
  • ​​​​​​Outdoor Display
  • Priceboard
  • Scoreboard
  • Sphere
  • Ticker
  • Touch
  • Transparent

Quality Engineering

Handy AV prides itself on the quality of ALL our HandyLED™ products. All our suppliers are vetted for their quality engineering and are monitored for continued quality assurance. Our branded products have attained CE marks and are housed in cabinets with suitable power supplies and use proven control systems from LINSN and Novastar. From planning and design for suitable mounting frames, or structures to support the required display, our engineers will account for ALL data, power, ventilation and weight. This knowledge extends to our special projects and product development for our own HandyLED BLADE range, built here in Sidcup and now recognised by Made in Britain. 

Install and Maintain

Each installation is unique and needs skilled engineers to implement, to ensure that ALL HandyLED displays operate at their optimum. We develop, fabricate and install structures that will safely support each display. We provide project management and work with both Electrical and Mechanical Engineers to ensure that the property and the display, fit perfectly.

Handy AV provide SLA’s to maintain the systems and provide regular preventative maintenance, to ensure continued operation of the displays. Retail environments will often have a higher level of particulates in the air and this can cause build up of dust in the screens, so we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to keep this at a minimum and safeguard your asset.

Our systems now also offer remote diagnostics, so we are able to monitor the environment and can detect temperature build up and respond accordingly. 

Handy AV have it covered!