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HandyCHECKPOINT™ all-in-one sentry device gains real-time biometric information about individuals who pass before it, enabling organisations to take measures to keep their premises safe and secure. HandyCHECKPOINT™ facial recognition data can also be used for tracking employee activity such as time attendance and enabling automated entry systems.


HandyPOS™ hand sanitiser stations protect the public from bacteria and viruses with a contact-free, automated sanitiser dispenser, whilst serving as an effective digital signage tool, enabling businesses to reach their audiences with using targeted, live content presented on an optimal brightness LED display.


With over 20 years of experience providing LED digital signage solutions for businesses across the globe, we're experts when it comes to creating ultimate LED experiences. We deliver impactful and durable digital display solutions across multiple sectors including retail, corporate, education and governments. Our LED digital signage installation for Primark won ‘Best Store Design’ at the Drapers Awards.

Audience Management

Our Blue River™ service enables businesses to analyse customer footfall and manage audiences using smart analytics via MagicINFO Datalink. Providing accurate entry and occupancy management data, keeps businesses operating at their optimal capacity, considering health, safety and quality of customer experience.

Blue River SaaS Platform Cloud Management

Handy AV’s proprietary service, Blue River enables businesses to intelligently control their digital content, globally. Working with Samsung’s MagicINFO™ software, we bring digital content to life with proactive, real-time scheduling and deployment. This intelligent integration can use DataLinks to work with your data to drive

targeted content.


People Tracking

Audience intelligence is key to providing a customised experience and for increasing ROI per square foot of commercial space. Using Blue River™, we provide IP based heat mapping, people counters, and data analytics that provide businesses with insights to build accurate customer profiles and understand how people navigate their spaces. This intelligence also enables businesses to leverage content on digital signage and identify merchandising opportunities to extract maximum ROI.


Our years of experience being a leading provider in the AV industry gives us a wealth of knowledge on the installation of professional audio products and the integration of these systems to create dynamic and impactful solutions. We work closely with many of the leading manufacturers of audio equipment, meaning we can provide a wide range of solutions and are well equipped to help you choose the best products for your bespoke requirements.


The key to productivity is efficiency and with a digital workspace optimised for visual collaboration, you can improve agile workflow and enhance team performance. Keeping collaborators engaged and on track is crucial for project and workshop delivery, therefore a collaborative solution can provide your workforce with a seamless work environment that includes tools and features for both in-house and remote working engagements.

Unified Communications

With remote working now a main staple in the way business is conducted, there is a high demand for businesses to adapt to finding ways to seamlessly communicate with multiple people at once. This need for clear interaction between multiple parties is what drives us to facilitate top quality video conferencing solutions so that people can maintain a productive work environment when they’re at separate locations.

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