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Creating digital experiences that come to life in public spaces utilising LED pixel pitch.

With over 20 years of experience providing LED digital signage solutions for businesses across the globe, we're experts when it comes to creating ultimate LED experiences using a large range of LED Pixel Pitch. We deliver impactful solutions and durable digital LED displays across multiple sectors including retail, corporate, education and governments. Our LED digital signage installation for Primark won ‘Best Store Design’ at the Drapers Awards.

Our eye-catching HandyLED™ video walls come in a range of pixel pitch including 3.9, 2.9, 2.4, 1.9, 1.5, 1.2, 0.9

Our LED displays are designed to create visual excitement for your brand and captivate your customers. We help businesses deliver their stories the way they want, from online all the way to in-store, with smartly located LED displays and bespoke digital signage solutions to bring your marketing message to life.

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HandyLED™ can be deployed across numerous sectors and can be utilised as multifunctional tool for all areas of business.  

Retail - Visually enhance the shopping experience at your retail locations, from the dazzling LED displays in the window to the unique in-store experiences created by the latest industry innovations. HandyLED™ display solutions will help you turn heads, increase traffic and drive sales through engaging and action-driven content to catch the eye of you target audience. With stunning UHD picture quality in all our retail LED displays, you can generate a dynamic and memorable experience that will illuminate the value of your business in-store. HandyLED™ retail solutions are designed for rich, dynamic visual merchandising promotional content that delivers eye-catching picture quality and a redefined in-store experience.


Corporates & Public Sector - Give your workforce the power to collaborate effectively and maximise employee output using HandyLED™ interactive displays and video conference solutions. Elevate your corporate environment with a full suite of innovative and fully-integrated workplace and meeting room solutions such as LED displays, Interactive touch screens, business monitors and video walls. A digital-led workspace will empower your employees to communicate more effectively with seamless collaboration tools at their disposal. HandyLED™ digital signage come with exceptional image quality, deeper contrast ratio, captivating brightness, precise colour uniformity and flexible modular design to meet the high standards of a fast-paced work environment.


Quick-Service-Restaurant - LED displays are a vital element at creating an appealing and user-friendly environment for customers in food and beverage businesses and also play a crucial role in advertisements and price points. With both indoor and outdoor display solutions, HandyLED™ makes it easy to drive customer traffic and streamline the ordering process. Having an abundance of vibrant, durable and high quality LED displays, all of which showing enticing food content, is statistically proven to increase sales and attract more incoming customers.


Video Walls - Providing the wow-factor is a key element in todays retail, corporate and entertainment sectors and the use of large scale HandyLED™ video wall displays are the real jewel in the crown in achieving this effect.  Experience a superior and premium picture quality that captivates, excites and informs. Pixel pitch clarity ensures viewers see every detail and can become immersed in your content and feel the full effect of the digital experience. HandyLED™ video walls are engineered to transform the viewing experience with bright, high-contrast, precision-tailored picture performance and are available in both indoor and outdoor formats. With more than two decades and a wealth experience installing and perfecting the art of LED video walls, Handy AV are the perfectionist experts you need to help maximise visual impact and build an efficient operation to protect your videowall investment.

Luckily for you, Handy AV is the leading video conferencing solutions provider, and our team of experts specialise in delivering world-class video conferencing solutions for some of the leading brands in the country. A few examples of these recent clients include leading activewear brand, Gymshark, as well as healthcare innovators, GAMA Healthcare.

Both of these businesses have since reaped the rewards of digital transformation by investing in their workplace environments with cutting edge video conferencing facilities, digital collaboration spaces and seamless digital signage and presentation tools.

But it’s not just limited to the big dogs.

No matter your size of business or the industry you work in, simple, in-house office solutions aren’t going to be as relevant as they once were for the foreseeable future, so you need to ensure that your business is ready for change and to embrace digital transformation. You need to be prepared for not only the future but the present, by embracing the world of video conferencing and digital working with a strong, reliable unified communications strategy.

This is where the experts at Handy AV step in.

We can help your business boost operations and become a leader in your field with fantastic communication and collaboration video conferencing services, including the likes of:‍

Workspace Booking Platform

Condeco is the future of work made easy, and provides a simple to use and smart workspace booking platform to embrace the changes happening in a new world of work. You can book instantly from one simple tool available across devices, with workspace types in abundance as well as calendar integration.

Workspace Hardware and Equipment

When it comes to hardware and office equipment, Logitech are world leaders. With everything from wireless technology to high-quality streaming hardware, video conferencing tools, smart home and home security cameras, presentation remotes and headsets to name a few, Logitech have got you covered with the best of the best equipment.

Meeting collaboration platform

Mersive is a leading meeting collaboration platform offering wireless content sharing and collaboration between employees and organisations. With everything covered from meetings to conferences, active learning, cloud-based deployment and analytics, Mersive is the best way to collaborate and make sure meetings run without a hitch in a newly remote world.

Video conferencing technology

Poly provides preparation for the hybrid approach to working we all must embrace in business. By providing video bars, desk freedom and webcam technology that’s head and shoulders above the competition, they are a leading video conferencing solutions provider, here to help your business and employees thrive. They’re also Zoom certified and were even named Microsoft Partner of The Year Award Finalists, so you know you can trust their fantastic hardware solutions.

Digital visitor management

Condeco is the future of work made easy, and provides a simple to use and smart workspace booking platform to embrace the changes happening in a new world of work. You can book instantly from one simple tool available across devices, with workspace types in abundance as well as calendar integration.

Creating digital experiences that come to life in public spaces utilising LED pixel pitch.



Perimeter Advertising Screen


HandyLED™ High Bright COB 1.2

All in all, Handy AV can help your business adapt and overcome the challenges that the new business landscape presents. We offer your business the chance to thrive instead of flounder in an ever-changing world of uncertainty and digital development.

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HandyCHECKPOINT™ all-in-one sentry device gains real-time biometric information about individuals who pass before it, enabling organisations to take measures to keep their premises safe and secure. HandyCHECKPOINT™ facial recognition data can also be used for tracking employee activity such as time attendance and enabling automated entry systems.


Audience Management

Our Blue River™ service enables businesses to analyse customer footfall and manage audiences using smart analytics via MagicINFO Datalink. Providing accurate entry and occupancy management data, keeps businesses operating at their optimal capacity, considering health, safety and quality of customer experience.


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Audience intelligence is key to providing a customised experience and for increasing ROI per square foot of commercial space. Using Blue River™, we provide IP based heat mapping, people counters, and data analytics that provide businesses with insights to build accurate customer profiles and understand how people navigate their spaces. This intelligence also enables businesses to leverage content on digital signage and identify merchandising opportunities to extract maximum ROI.

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