Seamless integration to connect platforms


Seamless integration to connect platforms

We provide cutting-edge, intelligent solutions to help you make better business decisions, faster.



In-depth knowledge of the latest technology and system integration solutions.


Team of expert creators build and test your solution remotely.


Work seamlessly with your environment and team to deliver.


Committed to the long-term success and impact of the solution.

Blue River™

Our proprietary service, Blue River™, integrates world-leading SaaS platforms including Samsung’s MagicINFO, enabling businesses to collaborate smoothly, deliver content seamlessly and gather data insights from across the globe.

Our intelligence breeds innovative products

Products & Solutions

Office Technology

Office technology solutions have evolved in recent times as the pandemic has changed the lives of office workers across the globe. These changes have meant adjustments have been needed in the workplace, and hybrid working has become more popular and, in many cases, the norm for businesses. The simple fact of the matter is that the success of remote working alongside the constant evolution of the virus means that a full-blown return to the office doesn’t look to be on the cards in the near future. 

But not to fear, because the expert team at Handy AV are here to provide office technology solutions for businesses like yours, helping you through with the technology evolution by creating environments for your operation to thrive. 

As an expert provider of office technology, we’re here to create and nurture a corporate ecosystem where decisions can be confidently made, and innovation and creativity can flourish thanks to the introduction and implementation of our smart office technology solutions.

We do this by providing a wide range of office technology solutions for the future of work and can help your business navigate uncertain times and thrive with change. Our solutions are designed to help you in more ways than you might initially imagine, with simplicity and reducing complexities at the heart of all of our office technology solutions.

K-Cloud™ & Samsung Kiosk

K-Cloud™, our kiosk cloud platform for the Samsung Kiosk.

QSR solution easily creates menu pages with the ability to add product images, video and pricing. Each kiosk connects to K-Cloud using a license which allows the app to be applied and communicate with the platform. This is then paired to the appropriate payment providers card reader.

The Dashboard will give up to date information about transactions with each kiosk and branch. The menu and price point can be set and will be applied within the next sync to the Kiosk. Optional stock system and stock ordering modules and EPOS integration.

NEW - Certified for use with Worldpay payment services from FIS.

Solutions Roadmap:

ASSISTANT - Instore Virtual Assistants to assist with product enquiries, directing customers to specific products.

CLICK - Click and Collect solution for retailers to transact using this unmanned Kiosk to verify website sales "Clicks to Bricks"

CONCIERGE - Hotel Check In/Out, unmanned hotel reception, collect room key and confirm payment card.

LIBRARIAN - Library check in/out, late fines and rental payments.

SURGERY - Surgery Check In and payments for non-NHS services, travel inoculations.

VISITOR - Visitor Management, check in for meetings using QR code and alert organiser and other attendees of guest arrival.

Shape Robotics

Coding has become an increasingly important skill in today's technology-driven world. From developing software and applications to designing websites and automating processes, coding is a valuable skill that is in high demand. In order to prepare the next generation for this digital future, it is imperative to introduce them to coding at a young age. This is where Handy AV and our programmable and codable robots can play a critical role in the education system. 

There are two types of Fable robot to facilitate different types of learning:

Fable Go- Lets the students create mobile robots that can be remote-controlled and used for soccer, ploughing or more complex movements.

Fable Explore- Comes with a Fable Joint module that gives the functionality of an arm in a humanoid robot and can be used to train problem-solving skills.

Click the TEACHER ZONE link below and dive into our comprehensive educational content and resource library for STEAM learning.


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