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Coding has become an increasingly important skill in today's technology-driven world. From developing software and applications to designing websites and automating processes, coding is a valuable skill that is in high demand. In order to prepare the next generation for this digital future, it is imperative to introduce them to coding at a young age. This is where Handy AV and our programmable and codable robots can play a critical role in the education system. 

There are two types of Fable robot to facilitate different types of learning:

Fable Go- Lets the students create mobile robots that can be remote-controlled and used for soccer, ploughing or more complex movements.

Fable Explore- Comes with a Fable Joint module that gives the functionality of an arm in a humanoid robot and can be used to train problem-solving skills.

Click the TEACHER ZONE link below and dive into our comprehensive educational content and resource library for STEAM learning.


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Firstly, Fable offers a hands-on and interactive way for students to learn how to code. Rather than simply learning through lectures and textbooks, students can actually see the results of their code in action as the robot moves and responds to their commands. This makes the learning experience more engaging and enjoyable, which in turn makes it more effective. 

Secondly, Fable can can help students develop both basic and advanced coding skills. Students can start by learning the basics of block coding, such as programming logic and syntax, and then progress to more advanced concepts such as object-oriented programming and machine learning. This can help them build a strong foundation in coding that can be applied to a variety of fields in the future. 

Lastly, these innovative robots can help promote creativity and problem-solving skills in students. As they learn how to code and program the robot, they are forced to think critically and creatively to solve problems and come up with new ideas. This can help them develop important skills that will be valuable in any field they choose to pursue. 

In summary, our codable robots are imperative in the education system because they offer a hands-on and interactive way for students to learn how to code, help students develop both basic and advanced coding skills, and promote creativity and problem-solving skills. By introducing students to coding at a young age through codable robots, we can help prepare them for a digital future and provide them with valuable skills that will be useful in any field they choose to pursue. As pioneers of STEAM education Shape Robotics, the Fable robot has been created to foster the vital development of 'the 4 C's' of future-focused learning - Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, and Communication.

Luckily for you, Handy AV is the leading video conferencing solutions provider, and our team of experts specialise in delivering world-class video conferencing solutions for some of the leading brands in the country. A few examples of these recent clients include leading activewear brand, Gymshark, as well as healthcare innovators, GAMA Healthcare.

Both of these businesses have since reaped the rewards of digital transformation by investing in their workplace environments with cutting edge video conferencing facilities, digital collaboration spaces and seamless digital signage and presentation tools.

But it’s not just limited to the big dogs.

No matter your size of business or the industry you work in, simple, in-house office solutions aren’t going to be as relevant as they once were for the foreseeable future, so you need to ensure that your business is ready for change and to embrace digital transformation. You need to be prepared for not only the future but the present, by embracing the world of video conferencing and digital working with a strong, reliable unified communications strategy.

This is where the experts at Handy AV step in.

We can help your business boost operations and become a leader in your field with fantastic communication and collaboration video conferencing services, including the likes of:‍

Workspace Booking Platform

Condeco is the future of work made easy, and provides a simple to use and smart workspace booking platform to embrace the changes happening in a new world of work. You can book instantly from one simple tool available across devices, with workspace types in abundance as well as calendar integration.

Workspace Hardware and Equipment

When it comes to hardware and office equipment, Logitech are world leaders. With everything from wireless technology to high-quality streaming hardware, video conferencing tools, smart home and home security cameras, presentation remotes and headsets to name a few, Logitech have got you covered with the best of the best equipment.

Meeting collaboration platform

Mersive is a leading meeting collaboration platform offering wireless content sharing and collaboration between employees and organisations. With everything covered from meetings to conferences, active learning, cloud-based deployment and analytics, Mersive is the best way to collaborate and make sure meetings run without a hitch in a newly remote world.

Video conferencing technology

Poly provides preparation for the hybrid approach to working we all must embrace in business. By providing video bars, desk freedom and webcam technology that’s head and shoulders above the competition, they are a leading video conferencing solutions provider, here to help your business and employees thrive. They’re also Zoom certified and were even named Microsoft Partner of The Year Award Finalists, so you know you can trust their fantastic hardware solutions.

Digital visitor management

Condeco is the future of work made easy, and provides a simple to use and smart workspace booking platform to embrace the changes happening in a new world of work. You can book instantly from one simple tool available across devices, with workspace types in abundance as well as calendar integration.

Shape Robotics

All in all, Handy AV can help your business adapt and overcome the challenges that the new business landscape presents. We offer your business the chance to thrive instead of flounder in an ever-changing world of uncertainty and digital development.

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