Agile Work Environments for the Future Flexible Workforce

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Agile Work Environments for the Future Flexible Workforce

After almost a year of pandemic restrictions in place for businesses across the globe, it’s clear that the traditional workplace and communal working structure we’re all familiar with is unlikely to ever return. At Handy AV, we have witnessed the evolution of work environments through our years of experience working with leading brands internationally and however advanced their environments might be, or as complex their unique circumstances are, one item is always at the forefront of their requirements - platforms for seamless communication.

We pride ourselves on being facilitators for communication, whether that’s within retail environments for brands to sell to their customers, or within schools and offices to enable learning and productivity. In this article, we share our insights and learnings of what agile work environments need in order to facilitate their increasingly flexible workforce and meet the expectations of their digitally astute clients and customers. 

Video Conferencing

The days of conducting face to face conferences are over (for now), but the need for direct and clear communication and frictionless collaboration has never been as important. Since lockdown, we have experienced a universal digital transformation driven by the need for seamless communication with multiple people in various locations which is critical to every business.

“At Handy AV we have found that clients want frictionless meeting spaces that work for their employees with the least barriers to entry. Beginning a meeting with minimal input and confusion is at the top of this wish list. It’s also important to remember that no matter how good the wireless screen sharing technology, it has the tendency to misbehave from time to time. Nothing beats the comforting safety net of being able to plug in an HDMI cable into their laptop. Poly’s X series is a clear front runner for those small huddle spaces, while their G series provides the best flexible modular solutions for those larger showcase spaces.” - Ben Oram, CTO, Handy AV. 

Collaboration Tools

Remote working had the potential to threaten the rate of productivity and innovation within businesses as we went into nationwide lockdown. However, with the increased adoption of cloud-based remote collaboration tools, teams were able to adapt to their new circumstances and thrive. At Handy AV we believe that implementing the right collaboration tools in digitally-led environments can revolutionise the way teams operate, taking productivity levels to new heights, unbound by traditional barriers such as IT capacity and location. 

“With so many Collaboration tool options on the market, matching the right tool to each client’s unique situation is no easy task. At Handy AV, take each of our clients through a discovery phase, understanding how they work and their everyday challenges. Following this phase, we’re able to recommend the best collaboration solutions and seamlessly embed this into their existing way of working. Gone are the days of playing ‘pass the HDMI’ to share screens and ideas, with collaboration tools we’re able to bring everyone's ideas together in one place, enabling better, more productive and creative meetings and reaching decisions faster.”
Ben Oram, CTO, Handy AV. 

People Management Social Distancing Aids

Managing the way that people move around the work environment has never been more important considering current social distancing measures. For many, the traditional workspace will have become a flexible hub, used for collaboration and specific needs only, freeing employees from being tied to a physical location for the working week. Therefore, managing the flow and capacity of these spaces is key to providing a safe and enjoyable working environment for those using it. At Handy AV, we provide people management/tracking tools which map the capacity of the workspace in real-time to ensure that there is no overcrowding, risking safe social distancing measures. We also provide access control solutions such as HandyCHECKPOINT™, which ensures that anyone entering the shared workspace is compliant with Covid-19 safety guidelines (temperature checks, face coverings where applicable).

Handy AV is experienced in creating bold spaces with connected technologies across multiple sectors, and with the evolution of working environments driving irreversible change - the purpose and impact of these spaces have never been more important. Get in touch with the team at Handy AV today to discuss how we can help to transform your spaces to provide the ideal balance between remote and office working which facilitates collaboration and communication, improves productivity and ingenuity and ultimately offers a space where people want to be.

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