The Hybrid working model and why digital-led workspaces are the key to its success

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The Hybrid working model and why digital-led workspaces are the key to its success

During the pandemic, businesses were forced into finding new methods of communicating, collaborating, and conducting day-to-day functions amongst their staff and customers. This led to a surge in the use of video conferencing technologies and companies quickly began to realise that, when done effectively, this fresh way of agile working was the future of the productive workplace.


It had become apparent that the traditional way of office-based working had become archaic and unsustainable, resulting in the demand for a new system to be put in place to support the ‘new normal’. The new model needed to be flexible and give people the freedom to work from wherever they are and seamlessly communicate with their clients and colleagues. However, the challenges that come with entering into a hybrid working model would be worrying for companies that are not fully prepared to embrace the evolution of their workplace and adapt to amore agile way of working.


At the heart of every hybrid optimised workspace is the technology that is crucial to supporting the model’s functionality. Digital-led workspaces are the key tounlocking the maximum potential of a hybrid working environment, helping to bridge the gap between in-office and remote working. They facilitate flexible workforces and connect global customers through the use of integrated AV solutions, streamlining productive workflow across multiple locations. Organisations that have already embraced this digital evolution have seen sizeable increases in employee output and motivation, as well as substantial development in theirability to collaborate effectively and efficiently.


The amelioration of the way we work in adapting to hybrid methods requires the best technologies to optimise the process and enhance the user experience. Unified communications are key to connecting the digital workforce and developing sustainable hybrid workspaces. This means video conferencing needs to run seamlessly and should provide quick, clear, and instant communication, with no disruption that will waste valuable time. In order to execute such collaborative simplicity, state-of-the-art VC solutions need to be integrated into the very foundation of the workspace’s design. Combined with the correct property management controls, companies can help their hybrid workforce streamline operations, driving innovation and increasing productivity across the entire organisation.


Handy AV recently completed two projects for fast-growing activewear brand Gymshark and unique healthcare specialist GAMA, both of which made the leap to hybrid workspaces and are now in a completely futureproof state. The addition of human-centric technology enabled their workforces to collaborate visually across all digital zones on site and connect with others remotely. Plaudits were given by both companies on the positive effects the progressive hybrid model has had on their abilities to solve problems quicker and the improvement in managing operations across their organisation. The workspaces were designed with user-intuitive technology at their core, and this is the real key to an optimised and self-sustaining hybrid working environment.  


In conclusion, the leap to hybrid working is inevitable for everyone, however the ones who embrace the transition as early as possible will be better positioned to leverage the benefits while others catch up. Technology has always enhanced people’s ability to work, however many modern companies are still very uneducated on the real magnitude the opportunity a digitally integrated workspace can provide. Having a fully flexible hybrid workforce will revolutionise the way in which a business operates, especially one that has the latest innovations engrained into its infrastructure. More and more companies are beginning to futureproof their sites with seamless tech that will support their working models for years to come. What started as an adaption to a global pandemic has evolved into a major success story, with many now realising that hybrid working combined with digital-first environments is a much more contemporary structure to promote efficient working.

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