For 20+ years, retail technology has been Handy AV's passion. Working with architects and designers to create immersive in-store shopping experiences for many illustrious brands, delivering eye-catching 'WOW factor' and improving customer engagement.

From 4K Digital Signage and large-scale LED video walls to more advanced innovations and bespoke solutions, we Design, Install and Maintain a full AV fit-out and manage your content using our award winning Blue River™ cloud based service.

Our award winning Blue River™ is Handy AV's proprietary all-in-one cloud platform that centralizes control of your display network with its intelligent, proactive and real-time content deployment.Create & update captivating content from anywhere, gain powerful insights & analytics and flexibly manage your displays to enhance the power of your business performance.

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In today's competitive retail landscape, standing out is paramount. At Handy AV, we specialise in creating immersive and dynamic digital experiences that captivate customers and elevate brand engagement to new heights within your store.

By seamlessly integrating our AV solutions into clients retail spaces, we can transform static environments into interactive brand hubs that captivate and inspire shoppers. Imagine vibrant digital displays showcasing your product range, interactive touchscreens with product customisation options, LED video walls displaying large format brand advertising and directional audio creating the perfect ambience for a totally immersive experience. 

Don't just design a store... create an unforgettable journey that inspires confidence in the brand by partnering with Handy AV to bring your vision to life through innovative technology.


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