The traditional workplace has evolved and hybrid working environments are here to stay!

With +10 years experience, Handy AV work with Architects and Designers for Brands to create tech-driven spaces for flexible workforces & develop the workplace of the future. We also have experience designing Innovation Hubs, or Labs to showcase the Art of the Possible

We create digital-led environments by implementing the latest Q-SYS management control system with advanced Audio Systems, UHD 4K Digital Signage & Unified Communications.

These smart innovations produce a progressive, energy-saving & self-sustaining work infrastructure to streamline processes and promote efficient, productive & collaborative working.

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Office environments are ever-changing and we understand the critical role that technology plays in creating a modern workplace that fosters productivity, collaboration, and adaptability for staff in the era of hybrid working. By incorporating a technology-centric design into your workspace, you can empower teams to thrive in an environment optimised for success.

Imagine seamless video conferencing technology enabling effortless communication and collaboration across remote and in-office teams.

Picture an immersive Town Hall video wall transforming mundane meetings into engaging lectures and interactive sessions.

Envision dynamic digital signage seamlessly integrating with your workspace layout to provide real-time updates, announcements, and company branding. 

Embrace the future of work and transform your corporate space into a technology-driven hub of productivity and collaboration. Handy AV can help create a workplace that not only meets the needs of today's workforce but also inspires creativity, innovation & connectivity.


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